Diablo IV

Galery: Diablo 4 Concept Art Is Beautifully Grim, Characters, Environment and More

Diablo 4 is official, and its concept art is bloody stunning. Blizzard has released a whole load of drawings from development, showing off playable character classes, various locations, the kind of gear you can expect to find while looting the corpses of your enemies, and more. Below, you can feast your eyes on all of the concept art that we could carry.

Watch the Cinematic Trailer

Playable Character Classes




$500 Hyper Detailed Statue of Lilith

The 24.5" hand painted statue premium statue can now be found on the Blizzard Gear Store 

On the statue and the banner, Lilith is holding Diablo's skull in hand. 

There is a door in the loading screen with the same skull and the horns used as handles. 

Gear Types

Art and Environment

What are your thoughts on Diablo 4? Do you like what you see? 

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